About ACHK

About ACHK

Art and Culture Hong Kong (ACHK) is a solidarity group of artists, scholars and activists, who, as a collective, delve into the intricate interplay between art, culture, and politics, with a specific focus on recent events in Hong Kong. Rooted in the belief that we, as participants in this dynamic interrelationship, shape and are shaped by the political and cultural landscape, we embark on a comprehensive case study to unravel these complexities.

Viewing art as our potent tool for social and political commentary that transcends mere aesthetics, our group aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the world. By examining the connections between our artistic expression and the broader sociopolitical context, we seek to inspire solidarity, understanding, and positive change.

Committed to sharing our knowledge and bridging disciplinary boundaries, ACHK creates a platform that showcases Hong Kong's artistic talent while engaging with broader socio-political issues. Our vision is to "Live Up Hong Kong!" in a global context.

Executive Board Members

Loretta Lau Ms. Loretta Lau
Performance Artist and Director of NGO DEI
Clara Cheung Ms. Clara Cheung
Founder of C & G Artpartment, and a former member of the Hong Kong District Council.
Mandy Lee Ms. Mandy Lee
Assistant Professor at the Centre for Health Policy and Management, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Also a member of the TCD Centre for Resistance Studies and a PhD candidate with the TCD Department of Sociology.