Home Ideal 2024

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Exhibition Opening
Official Gallery Launch & Artist Gathering

The exhibition "Home Ideal 2024" will be held from May 18 to May 26 at the new location of the NGO DEI Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands, for a period of ten days. On May 25, there will be an opening ceremony for the gallery's inauguration, along with an artist gathering. This exhibition is not only the cornerstone of the inaugural "ImagiNation: Hong Kong in Exile" cultural and artistic symposium but also provides an opportunity for Hong Kong artists scattered around the world to share their creations.

Before the war, both Britain and the United States held exhibitions on the theme of "ideal homes," focusing mainly on how to make homes more modern and life more convenient, similar to the philosophy of IKEA furniture today. In fact, in the 1960s, bustling Hong Kong also held an "Ideal Family" exhibition, simultaneously in two venues: Hong Kong and Kowloon Star Ferry Terminal. At that time, the exhibition did not touch on the various demands of society regarding the political system. Many Hong Kong people were focused on pursuing wealth, and some even believed that change could only happen within their homes, while political issues could be kept at bay.

As time passed, we realized that after those turbulent times, in the present of 2024, we deeply believe that all Hong Kong people can understand that politics will profoundly affect everyone, whether they actively participate in politics or not. They recognize that one of the prerequisites for achieving an "ideal family" is to establish their home in a society with freedom of speech and actively seek opportunities to promote the modernization of democracy in Hong Kong.

The location of this exhibition is only a 20-minute walk from the International Court of Justice (Peace Palace), where international justice seems to be within reach, but unfortunately, seeking justice is not just a matter of days. This exhibition will be divided into three parts: Art/Action, Culture/Reshaping, Identity/Inheritance, with displays in various spaces such as shops, bedrooms, kitchens, and lofts.

Audiences will explore Hong Kong through the eyes of the artists and their interpretations of this unique identity. This exhibition brings together many renowned artists, showcasing their latest creations, while also involving emerging artists and ordinary Hong Kong citizens. Each piece bears witness to the era in a unique way, allowing The Hague audience to gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong, presenting the development of Hong Kong culture overseas, and sparking deeper reflections on Hong Kong's identity and culture.