Stranger Art

Artist Talk and Workshop

Upper Hall

May 24, 2024 11:40
Stranger Art

Lumli Lumlong feel that they are “strangers” in the city where they are in exile. Some people regard their art “strange” and terrifying. During the talk “Stranger Art”, the artist duo will share about their works and the stories behind the canvas. While their paintings have been exhibited in many countries, they have been repeatedly accused by pro-Chinese Communist Party media of allegedly violating the National Security Law and using the name of art to promote Hong Kong independence. One of their painting albums, “Liberation of Art” was banned. In 2021, the couple fled to the UK. Yet, they still experience transnational repression even today. Perhaps due to their own experience, they are influenced by surrealism which links with dreams and subconsciousness. During the workshop, they will facilitate the participants to create a collective work featuring dreams. John Lennon’s quote “a dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality” resonates with their hope - art is not only a painkiller for those who suffer, but together, the dream will come true one day.





Lumli Lumlong Lumli Lumlong
Hong Kong Husband and Wife Painting Duo.