Alerk Ablikim Mr. Alerk Ablikim
Political Secretary of FreeUyghur and Co-Chairman of Europe GroenLinks Working Group.
Patrick Amadon Mr. Patrick Amadon
Los Angeles-based artist, his digital artwork “No Rioters,” was removed by authority in Hong Kong in 2023.
Balazs Apor Dr. Balazs Apor
Associate Professor in European Studies at the Centre for European Studies. Founder and Director of the Trinity Centre for Resistance Studies at Trinity College Dublin.
Ardi Bouwers Ms. Ardi Bouwers
Strategic Consultant of China Circle, Lecturer of Uni of Amsterdam, Keynote speaker on China and Trainer Culture & Communication.
Andrew Chan Mr. Andrew Chan
Founder and former Convenor of Societas Linguistica Hongkongensis (SLHK).
Simon Cheng Mr. Simon Cheng
Founder and Chairperson of Hongkongers in Britain.
Clara Cheung Ms. Clara Cheung
Founder of C & G Artpartment, and a former member of the Hong Kong District Council.
Art Chocolate Art Chocolate
Founder of Artual Club.
Ricker Choi Mr. Ricker Choi
Award-winning Pianist.
Alex Chow Mr. Alex Chow
Board Member of Hong Kong Democracy Council and Doctoral Student in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley.
Andrea Chow Ms. Andrea Chow
Founder of Hong Kong Cultural Community, Former Policy Officer
Christine Chu Ms. Christine Chu
LLM Candidate in International and Transnational Criminal Law, Juris Doctor, based in the Netherlands.
Dean C.K. Cox Mr. Dean C.K. Cox
Photographer, Media Consultant and former Senior Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University.
Brian Dooley Dr. Brian Dooley
An Irish Human Rights Activist and Author.
Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee
President of Students for a Free Tibet Netherlands.
Gerlov van Engelenhoven Dr. Gerlov van Engelenhoven
Assistant Professor at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.
F For: Hong Kong Protest Music Zine F For: Hong Kong Protest Music Zine
Creative Project that Chronicles the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Democratic Movement.
Kathleen Ferrier Ms. Kathleen Ferrier
Chair of the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO
Jens Galschiøt Mr. Jens Galschiøt
Danish Sculptor best known for the Pillar of Shame.
Tsering Jampa Ms. Tsering Jampa
Former Executive Director of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) Europe.
Ahmedjan Kasim Mr. Ahmedjan Kasim
Master's student in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Legal Advisor, LL.B and Author
Finn Lau Mr. Finn Lau
Hong Kong Political Activist and the Founder of Hong Kong Liberty.
Loretta Lau Ms. Loretta Lau
Performance Artist and Director of NGO DEI.
Alric Lee Mr. Alric Lee
Founder of Lady Liberty Hong Kong and Executive Director of Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance
Mandy Lee Ms. Mandy Lee
Assistant Professor at the Centre for Health Policy and Management, Trinity College Dublin. Also a member of the Trinity Centre for Resistance Studies and a PhD candidate at the TCD Department of Sociology.
Catherine Li Ms. Catherine Li
Hongkongese Artivist.
Joseph Lian Dr. Joseph Lian
Former Professor of Economics at the International College of Liberal Arts at the Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan.
Kyle Lin Dr. Kyle Lin
Director-general of New School For Democracy,Taiwan Senior Researcher of Radio Taiwan International.(RTI)
Lumli Lumlong Lumli Lumlong
Hong Kong Husband and Wife Painting Duo.
Iverson Ng Mr. Iverson Ng
Junior Research Fellow of Tallinn University, Estonia.
Michelle Pak Ms. Michelle Pak
PhD Researcher in Law.
Sam Tam Mr. Sam Tam
PhD Researcher in Fine Art, based in the UK.
Calvin Tatara Mr. Calvin Tatara
Founder of Museum of Hong Kong
Wangpo Tethong Mr. Wangpo Tethong
Executive Director of the International Campaign for Tibet Europe.
Isha Ting Dr. Isha Ting
Research Fellow at International Institute for Asian Studies at Leiden University.
Lokman Tsui Dr. Lokman Tsui
Scholar, Writer, Activist on Freedom of Speech, Digital Rights and Hong Kong. Fellow with the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. Former Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Harry van Bommel Mr. Harry van Bommel
Former Dutch Member of Parliament and Human Rights Activist.
Eric Otto Wear Dr. Eric Otto Wear
Censorship and Freedom of Expression Committee, International Association of Art Critics (AICA) Former Associate Head, School of Design, HK PolyU and former Director, Asian Art Archive
Justin Wong Mr. Justin Wong
Political Cartoonist and former Assistant Professor of Hong Kong Baptist University.
Kacey Wong Dr. Kacey Wong
Hong Kong Political Artist and former Assistant Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
vawongsir vawongsir
Cartoonist and Former Visual Arts Teacher in Hong Kong.
Hans Yeung Dr. Hans Yeung
Former Manager at the HKEAA and Independent Researcher.
Kenneth Yeung Mr. Kenneth Yeung
PhD researcher of LCSP, Université de Paris.