On Artivism with Catherine Li

Artist Talk and Workshop

Lower Hall

May 24, 2024 12:10
On Artivism with Catherine Li

Catherine's talk will introduce the concept of "artivism" within the context of Hong Kong's current political climate and diasporic development, and present the work process and inspirations of her artivism practice in the area of music, fashion and theatre. Her English cover of Glory to Hong Kong on YouTube in 2019 has received over 1M views, and is listed as part of the Hong Kong government official ban request in their court injunction submission recently. The outfits that she wore and designed collaboratively with pro-democracy fashion designers brought herself under spotlight via the runway of Top Model UK 2020 and other exhibitions. The solo musical participatory theatre piece that she wrote, devised and produced last year, is touring across 10 cities in the UK in major theatre festivals and community spaces in 2024. Catherine will also encourage questions and suggestions from the participants during the session to facilitate the free-flowing of creative ideas.





Ms. Catherine Li Ms. Catherine Li
Hongkongese Artivist.