Behind the Courtroom - Cultural Genocide on Tibet, East Turkestan and Hong Kong

Panel Discussion

May 23, 2024 15:30
Behind the Courtroom - Cultural Genocide on Tibet, East Turkestan and Hong Kong

The discussion after the court: The panel discussion titled "Behind the Courtroom - Cultural Genocide of Tibet, East Turkestan, and Hong Kong" delves into the intricate web of cultural entrapment faced by these regions and the ensuing legal, personal, and advocacy challenges. Esteemed panelists, including Ms. Michelle Pak, Ms. Christine Chu, Mr. Alerk Ablikim, and Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee, will provide unique insights into the multifaceted dimensions of cultural genocide. The session will unfold through an exploration of personal experiences, international legal frameworks, human rights violations, the role of activism, and the challenges and opportunities for diasporic communities in exile. Guided by moderator Mr. Jonathan Ku, the panel aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of these critical issues and inspire dialogue towards fostering change. Join us for a thought-provoking exchange that seeks to comment on the cultural challenges faced by Tibet, East Turkestan, and Hong Kong, transcending the courtroom to address the broader implications on identity, human rights, and global advocacy.





Mr. Alerk Ablikim Mr. Alerk Ablikim
Political Secretary of FreeUyghur and Co-Chairman of Europe GroenLinks Working Group.
Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee
President of Students for a Free Tibet Netherlands.
Ms. Michelle Pak Ms. Michelle Pak
PhD Researcher in Law.
Ms. Christine Chu Ms. Christine Chu
LLM Candidate in International and Transnational Criminal Law, Juris Doctor, based in the Netherlands.