The Courtroom

Interactive Section

A Trial on Cultural Genocide in 2034.

May 23, 2024 14:30
The Courtroom

"The Courtroom" unfolds as a staged trial and dialogue addressing the Cultural Genocide of Tibet, East Turkestan, and Hong Kong. Setting within the dramatic backdrop in 2034 of the International Criminal Tribunal (“ICT”), this scenario aims to unveil the potential realities of a genuine court proceeding pertaining to cultural genocide, mirroring the possible framework of Crimes against Humanity (“CAH”). Throughout this enactment, spectators will immerse themselves in an authentic courtroom process featuring Prosecutor, Defence, victims, and with judges presiding.





Ms. Christine Chu Ms. Christine Chu
LLM Candidate in International and Transnational Criminal Law, Juris Doctor, based in the Netherlands.
Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee Ms. Kunsel Rinchen Dorjee
President of Students for a Free Tibet Netherlands.
Mr. Ahmedjan Kasim Mr. Ahmedjan Kasim
Master's student in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Legal Advisor, LL.B and Author
Ms. Catherine Li Ms. Catherine Li
Hongkongese Artivist.
Dr. Kacey Wong Dr. Kacey Wong
Hong Kong Political Artist and former Assistant Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.